(Sunday) Game Plan – The final 15-20 – Week 1

Hello everybody, it has been a over two weeks since my last post and after doing additional research on healthy meals, weight loss and trying to get off the weight loss plateau, I am devising a diet game plan inspired and partly adapted by the authors of Physique 57 Solution   After reviewing my food supply, I have been attempting to follow  the diet plan as outlined in the book, which appears to be cost-effective, but requires a lot of discipline especially playing catch up with my social life.  To be brief, this two week diet and exercise plan outlined in this book calls for no carbs, no soy, no dairy, no alcohol in combination with pilates, barre and yoga.  The hardest part of all this is getting enough sleep and drinking enough water.

So, in order to ideally lose 5 lbs., I would have to burn 14,000 calories, since 2000 calories equals to 1 lb.  Here’s my ambitious potentially unhealthy and unsafe plan, I want to lose 5lbs. in seven days; easier said than done.

Based on the blogs and fitness articles, the minimum calorie consumption is 1200 calories daily; that is 8,400 calories per week.  According to articles and testimonials about Physique 57, for about a hour of exercise one can lose up to 500 calories.  So five hours of Physique 57 exercises would total up to 2500 calories, that is about 1.25 lbs weight loss from this exercise alone.    Well as they say it is 85% what is consumed and 15% what is burned off.

A few days ago I started on my grocery shopping and had to come up with a game plan that models the diet plan outlined in Physique 57.  To start here is this week’s game plan:


The star ingredients of each of these dishes were on sale this week at the various supermarkets in my neighborhood.   I am looking forward to start this diet and exercise plan, hopefully I can lose five pounds in the next seven days.  I will provide updates in the next week of my progress.  Stay tuned!


Week 1 Game Plan -More Diet Changes

After two weeks of following the 15 day Diet Plan from Idealfit created by Trainer Lindsey, I have lost body fat so I have lost 1.25 inches in my hips/glutes & 2 inches off my thighs.  Unfortunately, I have not lost the weight, exercises were intense.   As a result, for the next four (4) weeks I will be temporarily changing my usual Sunday game plan to Week 1-4 Game Plan.  This game plan will consist of modified recipes that are appropriate for the week; some will be derived from previous Sunday game plans posted and a combination of recipes from Idealfit and Bob Harper’s (The Biggest Loser) book “The Skinny Rule: The Simple Nonnegotiable Principles for Getting to THIN”.   In addition, in NYC, I hope to be able to take advantage of the free classes offered by the Union Square Partnership: Union Square Sweat Fest 2016, which ends on 2/25.

To keep this post as short as possible without being boring, I will be posting my meal plan diary daily with meals along with recipes that is acceptable for the week and the day’s theme e.g. Meatless Monday.

Stay tuned!