Week 1 Game Plan -More Diet Changes

After two weeks of following the 15 day Diet Plan from Idealfit created by Trainer Lindsey, I have lost body fat so I have lost 1.25 inches in my hips/glutes & 2 inches off my thighs.  Unfortunately, I have not lost the weight, exercises were intense.   As a result, for the next four (4) weeks I will be temporarily changing my usual Sunday game plan to Week 1-4 Game Plan.  This game plan will consist of modified recipes that are appropriate for the week; some will be derived from previous Sunday game plans posted and a combination of recipes from Idealfit and Bob Harper’s (The Biggest Loser) book “The Skinny Rule: The Simple Nonnegotiable Principles for Getting to THIN”.   In addition, in NYC, I hope to be able to take advantage of the free classes offered by the Union Square Partnership: Union Square Sweat Fest 2016, which ends on 2/25.

To keep this post as short as possible without being boring, I will be posting my meal plan diary daily with meals along with recipes that is acceptable for the week and the day’s theme e.g. Meatless Monday.

Stay tuned!






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