Sunday Game Plan with Nurture Life

Happy Mother’s Day! I came across a post on Instagram about Nurture Life.

Nurture Life is a subscription plan of prepared meals for picky eaters. They advertised as making portion control meals for babies weaning off pureed foods. My daughter, for example, is in the phase where she wants to eat independently and pick up the food with her hands. So, I saw a post on Instagram along with a 50% off deal plus an additional discount, so I decided to give it a try.

What I’ve learned during my ordering process is that meals are delivered weekly. I have been skipping deliveries because we have food that needs to be consumed, and we have been non-stop grocery shopping because we go through a gallon of milk a week.

My first order of 12 items arrived yesterday, and they all have to be used up within a week. The other option is to freeze it within a week and it’s good for three months. Since it’s Mother’s Day weekend, I’ll definitely be freezing some of these items.

Here’s what we got, with the exception of one jar of squash, kale hash with bell peppers because it was already consumed.

Here’s the Sunday game plan for my toddler using Nurture Life.

Sunday: Lunch or dinner, depending on which meal I get treated to. We will have some Swedish meatballs, broccoli, and egg noodles.

Monday: Honoring Meatless Monday with: A jar of the Squash, Kale hash with bell peppers for breakfast and lunch. Then, for dinner, we will have the super veggie gnocchi with string beans.

Tuesday: Honoring Taco Tuesday with Beef Taco Pockets with fiesta corn.

Wednesday: Honoring Wellness Wednesday and traditional Catholicism with a jar of salmon cakes with peas and potatoes.

Thursday: A jar of roasted chicken with potato and broccoli medley. Dinner of chicken, tortellini, and broccoli

Friday: Fish Friday time with teriyaki salmon and rainbow rice.

The remaining dishes will have to be frozen: Presto pesto Ravioli with chicken and carrots; Squash, Kale hash and potatoes, Grilled Chicken with carrots, peas and potatoes and chicken and Mac.

In retrospect, twelve items are a bit much for the week, especially since I have a bunch of items in the fridge that need to be cooked. A separate game plan for these items that are both adult and toddler friendly will be posted at some point.

Stay tuned in IG tablespoonsandteaspoons on the ongoing review of Nurture Life products as they are consumed.

If you are interested in trying these products, here’s the link: