Flashback Friday/Social Saturday – NYC Summer Restaurant week

As we are approaching the end of the month and the fall season, I am so excited and blessed for the opportunities to meet with people for dinner and food events. First, want to wrap up National Chicken Month by sharing my dining experiences the recent NYC Summer Restaurant Week.

Unfortunately I was not able to experience the lunch game plan because personally the better deals were the dinners at the steakhouses. So we went to Smith and Wollensky for a low carb dinner. When we arrived at the restaurant I felt the discrimination immediately and it was definitely confirmed when we were seated. They placed us upstairs next to a pole with the tourists. As native New Yorkers we can tell who is from here or not. In addition, the overall service was not good as expected as the food was lackluster and our assigned waiter did not cater to us. The filet mignon was okay plus it would have been worth the $42 if it include sides like Capital Grille. Personally I would not return.

10 oz. Filet mignon

Coconut Layer Cake

A few nights later we went to Capital Grille and decided to explore the dishes that had a supplemental charge. We were treated really well as if we were regulars. They catered to our every need. The main entree was a good portion and it came with two sides, which unfortunately were not pictured: green beans and mashed potatoes. I love the New England Clam Chowder and for the dessert. I had the Creme Brulee and Flourless Espresso Cake. We were so full that I took the desserts home. I will be returning for Wagyu and Wine pairing event.

New England Clam Chowder

Veal Tomahawk Chop

Bone-In Kona Crusted Dry Aged NY Strip with Shallot Butter

Then I got a group of friends from church to eat at Tavern 62. I met with the GM who placed us in a private like table upstairs. I ordered the Little Gem and Beet Salad, which was really good. For the main entree, I went with the Roast Chicken made with pistachio ravioli, peas and carrots and pistachio chimichurri sauce. The chicken was not memorable but I loved the pistachio ravioli.

For the dessert, I ordered the Orange Creamsicle, which was poorly presented and not worth taking a photo. Plus by the time we got to dessert we felt rushed.

Little Gem and Beet Salad

Roast Chicken

Well, I recently visited Tavern 62’s website and it is closed. We do not know why, but we hope they will reopen.

Stay tuned for my next food adventure and food experiments.

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